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December 18, 2021

By Sara Barbot Wallrap


Certified in Energy Medicine, Holistic Health and the Emotion Code.

Group leader for Yoga and Wellness Retreats, Integrated Healing Therapist.

Facilitator to a Meetup group called

“Love is Healing”.



Peace Be With You

I am humbly naming this article “Peace be with You” because it rings true to the hope of peace and normality and creativity and divineness in our lives that so many of us around the globe during this world-wide crisis are wishing for right now.

With strength and resolve I am concentrating on the one aspect of humanity that keeps us going, and that is love. Love for ourselves, especially, is the most important thing of all, but it seems to always be evasive. Isn’t it true that we never have time for ourselves or love ourselves or others deeply enough?

Intertwined with this is our sometimes lack of attention towards our children’s sensitive feelings or their health and well-being even though we are well-meaning and wish we had more time and energy to invest in them.

This is true as well with our community service, it is sometimes just an afterthought when it should be mandatory that we all chip in and support it.

In this same way, we are also perhaps forgetting or just don’t have the time to do our part in becoming green and supporting our planet’s sustainability.

Instead, some of us concentrate on putting all our time and energy into our work. This is a good in one way, of course, because we have to make a living and support others in our family, but it wears on us eventually and starts to dig into our home life, friends, community and planet time.

Which takes us back to taking care of ourselves first. If we can’t do this in a deep cleansing manner, that’s when it starts to reflect on everything else, including our children’s, our communities’ and our planet’s health and well-being.

Love, especially self love, and slowing down and prioritizing are key to bringing about change and sustainability in a positive light. It is essential to our survival.

As for others, it’s important to take care of ourselves first, like pulling oxygen down in an airplane, then our children, then our elders and persons with disabilities, then our community and then our planet’s needs. But we need to do all of it, not just pick one.

The good news is that you’re not alone. you can join a group, online or in person, if you want to be part of a supportive environment. With like minded people and even with social distancing the norm now, there are ways to reach out to others in a kind, loving, co-operative manner and work together so that we can both heal and thrive in a profound new way.

During this challenging time, with prohibitions starting all over again, it’s good to know that the closeness and inspiration most people draw on is their family and friends, and the relative peace and quiet they are afforded from being able to stay at home and not commute to work.

I encourage you to reach out into that space between your head and your heart and really feel the warmth there and the inner peace.

You’ll be happy to know that in that inner space is a hidden secret, and that is the radiance of universal love shining down on you. Our health and wellness depends on that universal source of Light as well as our planetary energy patterns and cycles being in equilibrium.

While there is still a major global health crisis going on and we don’t know exactly when it might end, we can always keep healthy and grounded by doing energy healing on ourselves or by a professional.

Again, love is here to conquer all and in a way, doing the energy healing work necessary to our health and well-being may be just as important as staying in shape or eating healthy.

In this way, not only are you heightening your own awareness, while connecting to the earth and universal energies, but you are also grooming and maintaining excellent health in your body-mind and spirit connection.

And because we are all connected energetically, socially and globally, planetary health and our future well-being will also benefit.

November 19, 2021 – By Sara Barbot Wallrap
Certified in Energy Medicine, Holistic (Natural) Health and the Emotion Code.

Energy Medicine and Nano Science Meet Face to Face

Energy medicine, also known as energy healing or integrated healing therapy, may be an effective form of therapy that will help stagnant, depleted, excessive or blocked energy trapped in the mind, body and spirit as well as hormonal imbalances and others. Common mental health and related imbalance issues that energy medicine may help with include post traumatic stress disorder, trauma, nervousness, stress, relationship issues, anxiety, bullying, sexual abuse, addiction, depression, self-esteem and self-confidence.

In addition, disorders of the body such as auto-immune deficiency, cancer, heart dis-ease and diabetes, to mention a few, are in theory related to trauma and stress, as well as, possibly, factors such as lifestyle choices, water quality, air quality, and food choices.

On top of that, factors such as depletion of hormonal systems and vital organ systems contribute to other disorders and dis-eases while others permeate from viruses and bacterial infections. These include such issues as herpes simplex, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis which may be a combination of viral infection, bacterial infection and stress factors.

All these disorders, dis-eases, deficiencies and excesses of the body and mind, as well as with the spirit, may be helped, sometimes significantly, by the healing phenomenon of Energy Medicine. Other names for it include: Alternative Therapy, Energy Healing, Intuitive Healing and Quantum Healing, purportedly based on the philosophy of quantum physics integration with neuroscience, neurophysiology, quantum mechanics, psychology, physiology and other expansive and exploratory theories like bio-mechanical reactions.

In any case, this type of theory or therapy may be significant because it is an up and coming, yet still uncommonly known form of healing that may reach root deep into imbalances, disorders, dis-eases and may affect overall health and well-being. How does this kind of therapy and healing work? Again, through energy medicine and nano science.

So what is energy medicine exactly? It claims to be a scientific way of bringing important technological information and advanced healing to humanity. How is this done? Healing processes such as Energy Healing, Healing Touch, Acupressure, Body talk, the Emotion Code, Emotional Freedom technique (EFT), EDMR, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and even therapeutic Reiki appear to rely on and be connected to both Universal source energies and to the Earth’s resources and energies in ways that may be either subtle or exponentially profound for human growth.

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