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Reiki/Intuitive Energy Healing…


Reiki or Energy Healing (also known as Energy Medicine or Quantum Healing) is based on the fact that we are all made of energy from our body up to our souls. There is no reason to doubt that energy moves energy and we can practice Reiki or Energy Healing by connecting our heart center to the Earth first of all, then feeling the Earth energy moving through our feet, up our legs, into our trunks and into the heart. From there the “Soul” star chakra which is above our head gets washed over in light from the Universal Source of All that Is, it follows a path down along your spine to your heart center and combines with the Earth energies.

Reiki is the world leader in healing and transformation in Energy Healing. It is a Japanese form of healing which is part of alternative medicine. Practitioners have a technique they use called hands-on-healing through which this Universal Source Energy transfers from the heart which holds both the Earth Energies and the Universal Energies to the palms of the hands of the Reiki Master. This helps with emotional, spiritual and physical healing. 

Reiki is researched as an efficient treatment for many things but should not be a replacement for conventional medical treatment.

Reiki or Energy Healing (Energy Medicine, Quantum Healing) is how we are able to connect through the Matrix of Universal Energy and stream it outward. At a high vibrational level we are able to connect to the person we are working on. This can also be done remotely, by envisioning that person or the name and becoming merged with them through proxy (muscle testing) during the session. It is a highly effective module for healing at an emotional level, a physical level, a mental level and even an overall spiritual level and can help heal all types of dis-ease including anxiety, fatigue, depression, being stuck in a rut, auto-immune dis-ease, passive-agressive behavior, manic-depressive states, OCD, DID, paranoia, ADHD, narcissism and co-dependence, PTSD, Chron’s, MS, rheumatoid  arthritis, eating disorders, diabetes, heart disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, diverticulitus, and many more. 

Not only is this Distance Intuitive Energy Healing with Aura Clearing session essential for good health and vitality, it is also a known fact that being “spiritually” centered and clear about your life is an all-important way to build your self-esteem and self-worth. Being self-confident with these attributes places you on a elevated rung both psychologically and spiritually then the average person who is just barely getting by in life. There is no better time than right now to adjust the way energy comes at you or through you so that you can be the best person possible every day and achieve things you would have never thought possible.


We are all made up of energy, and it is virtually the only thing that we are made up of. Even the water that comprises 77% of our body mass is made up of empty spaces or “reverberation” of energy molecules bouncing up and down and vibrating inwards and outwards. This is like an Ocean of reverberations coming at us from every angle. In our hearts we are never truly free if we don’t have control over the Energy Waves that are coming at us from all directions. It is kind of like being afloat on a board without direction. Who wants to be stranded out at Sea when you could be mastering the waves like surfing the big Kahuna?!


I help you reach this goal of mastering and retaining only the best or the most positive of the Energy Vibrations coming at you through this completely intuitive Energy Healing session. With this, I focus on the importance of clearing your Aura and Chakra system (also known as Energy Centers). You can also get a Reiki Chakra Balancing Session done which is similar to the Intuitive Energy Healing session, but involves more “Earth” energy balancing rather than intuitive “Universal” Higher Consciousness Energy clearing and balancing.


The Chakra System is based on several Chakras that are aligned from head to foot along the center line of your Body. Above your head, about a foot from your crown, is your Soul Star Chakra. This is a type of Chakra Energy Center that is unique to you. It is based on the concept that your Soul is attached to a kind of Star of it’s own (isn’t that amazing that our Soul could be like a Star?). Like the Stars in the sky, our Soul Star shines bright and brings us Energy and new Oxygen so to speak. It helps us to connect to the Higher Truth of Who We Are, and to the Universal Mind. This is what we need in order to feel like solutions come to us instantly and to regain optimal health and well-being.

Using resources from the Earth and Higher Realms, Intuitive Energy Medicine brings what you need.

The reason we can’t see this Soul Star or any of the other Chakras in our Body, is because it is undetectable to a certain extent because of it’s fast reverberation, which is faster than the eye can see.  The other Chakra Centres are found along the body from your crown to your tailbone, which is known as the Root Chakra. There is even one at your feet called the Earth Chakra. The Earth Chakra is a very grounding Chakra, as is your Root Chakra, because it deals with the Earth’s Elements, and that is one of the things we will be working extensively on in a Reiki Chakra Balancing Session. For the Intuitive Energy Healing Session with Aura Clearing (either In-Person or by Distance), we are working more with your Soul Star.


As well as clearing these Chakra centres, we are fully integrating them into a bigger picture system, attaching them to a more Global “Higher Consciousness” Intelligence of the Universal networking system. There is no better way to find out exactly what your Body, Mind and Soul need, but than through your Soul Star. We are always working through your Higher Self and your Higher Spirit Guides. When we work through the Soul Star, we are diversifying your chances of achieving optimal Health, Abundance and Synchronicity by about 1000%. Now that’s not bad, is it? That means that things will start to happen Synchronistically for you as if by Fate. Who doesn’t need that in their life? Right


So why not get started on your Healing Journey? You will find that no two sessions are ever alike and each is designed specifically for you mind. During a session profound healing can and will most certainly take place. At the very least, you will achieve a deep sense of balance and relaxation which you might not be able to get by any other means in your hectic life, mainly because it’s unusual for us to slow down enough to Meditate or feel into our Natural Elements in order to ground ourselves fully.


Along with working through your Soul Star, your Higher Self and your Higher Spirit Guides, we will also be working with several Higher Consciousness Beings including, but not exclusively with, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Gabriel and if you are into healing your Pets and Animals of the World, Archangel Zadkiel can be called upon. He is a master at healing them. We will also be working with the Angel of Good Fortune, the Angel of Compassion and the Angel of Higher Thinking simultaneously through a process known as re-organization. This allows your higher processing centers to re-organize themselves into a more alert state of being and helps to maintain an Energetic Balance throughout your Chakra System.




The session can be as relaxed, silent and laid back as you like (if you just want to close your eyes and observe what’s happening in your body) or it can be more verbal and participative if you want to work on specific issues or understand the process I am taking you through. The more “in tune” with your body and energy, or the more spiritual you are, the more you are likely to “feel” the energy shifting. It can come as a change of temperature (warm or cold) in certain areas or organs of the body, vibrations, sensations, energy movement, colour flashes, emotions, memories, clarity…or just a sense of peace and well-being. However even clients who have never noticed any sensitivity to energy have felt things shifting or just noticed they feel much better during and after the session.


The healing resources needed are brought in energetically through the Earth, Tree of Life and Outer Realms

Meditating under the tree of life.

The healing resources needed are brought in energetically through the Earth, Tree of Life and Outer Realms[/caption]


Sometimes the energetic shift takes a few days or even weeks to catch up with the physical transformation, and sometimes it takes several sessions, but a vast arrat of healing takes place, on a Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual level. Your life may change where you didn’t even think it was possible. You might want to consider this if you are in a rut, emotionally, physically, mentally, or spiritually or if you have a chronic or acute condition or simply if you wish to Balance and Refresh you’re entire Being and Life.


What does it cost?


An Intuitive Healing – Energy Medicine session is $95 for one hour or 4 one hours sessions: $85 each = $340 or 8 one hour sessions for $75 each = $600.


*All gift cards and packages are valid for one year from date of purchase.


For more information about how you can learn about Intuitive Energy Healing, or have a Reiki Chakra Balancing done either In Person or by Distance for you, your kids or your Pets or Plants, please click on the links in blue (above). You can also leave your information in the contact us area. Or, feel free to text me at 250-203-1669 for a session or free 20 minute consult or use our Easy online booking calendar. Click Book Now.

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