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Integrated Healing Therapy

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Integrated Healing Therapy




Working together through this Therapy of Integrated and Intuitive Healing as well as a series of modalities such as the Emotion Code and Reiki/Energy Healing, this highly effective form of therapy heals the body, mind and spirit through a holistic approach, and will bring you a better understanding of yourself as a whole as well as some peace, inner calmness and deeper healing.

Psychological trauma can trigger physical symptoms – and depression and anxiety as well as stress are known to have significant, and sometimes debilitating, physical effects. Receiving therapy can help these issues be reduced or disappear.

Studies show that many physical ailments are improved when in therapy. whereas when people do not express their feelings and wallow in them, one’s body often reacts with physical dis-ease such as stomach aches, headaches, sleeping problems, and ulcers, and auto-immune dis-ease, MS, Cancer and Diabetes to name a few. 

As well, mental health issues such as anger, depression, stress, relationship issues, dealing with loss, grief and feeling stuck in life can be undermining to say the least. I can help with this.




Along with being an Integrated Healing Therapist, I am also a Certified Holistic (Natural) Health Practitioner and a Reiki Master/Energy Medicine Healer. These type of Alternative Therapies are recently found to be more effective then just talk therapy alone.

The unique thing about this therapy compared with others is that it helps you heal and grow not only physically and emotionally, but in a more spiritual way.

I incorporate different healing techniques like Reiki/Energy Healing, working with Crystal and Colour Therapy and Essence Therapy using Bach Flower Remedies and Pacific Essences. I also use the Emotion Code which is amazing for stress, anxiety, trauma, depression, phobias, loss and grief, PTSD and other stuck energies, especially in the heart.


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Testimonials to Make Your Heart Sing

I originally went to Sara for my range of motion and pain issues in my back and shoulders. I have a previous diagnosis of cancer and have tried a few different treatments to help my surgical sites, nothing has really helped, until I started going to Sara.

I have done Reiki – Energy Healing (working with crystals and work balancing chakras) as well as her Intuitive Energy Healing with amazing results.

Sara has done incredible work cleansing my body of toxins and negativity (residual from my cancer treatments). I always feel lighter and better physically, mentally and spiritually afterward.

I find going to Sara has allowed me to clear the negative “clutter” out of my mind and body – something I wasn’t aware I needed until I started going.

I have such a better understanding of my body and my mind now. The aches and pains that I have suffered with for years are now a distant memory! It’s incredible!

I always leave my appointments feeling a deep sense of calm and relaxation.
The more impactful result to me though, has been the shift in my thoughts, how I see myself and others, and how that has changed me to be happier and more mindful and also to appreciate each day more.

I also just did the Reiki Chakra Balancing with Turning Forks and I can honestly say I have never experienced anything like that in my entire life!

It was an amazing experience, I felt my entire body buzzing with pure healing energy, it was a session with Sara I will never forget!

Sara is a very genuine and compassionate person, she is amazing at what she does!
Thank you Sara!”

– Angela Scianitti

“I have known Sara for 14 years now as an energy healer. Her abilities have only grown more. Today as we spoke she was able to help with my lung issues (connected to grief). And my chest felt lighter than it has in a long time.

Messages were sent and received with my husband. Sara could feel our soulful connection as it has always been strong. It is reassuring to me that he is always near. It brought tears to my eyes with a flood of emotion.

I always knew I had many guardians/angels around me. She thought 7 or 8. I was able to put a name to one while reflecting on our conversation earlier. I had also been thinking about my intuitive healing practices and I was surprised to find that I am awakening more to this. We connected back again through Serendipity. The timing was perfect.”

– Tanya Duby

Thanks to telepathic messaging from my beloved hubby on the other side I was guided to this extraordinary gifted healer. I chose a session of an intuitive aura cleanse with the intent of balancing since due to a buildup of many changes in my life I had lost my resilience. Over the years I have experienced many types of energy healing. In truth I can honestly say the time spent with her ranks at the top. She intuitively and gently sensed her way around my fields and physical body releasing stuck energy and comforting me back into wholeness. I walked away feeling like a new person.

Words cannot convey the wonderful connection she made with my husband, Robert. His presence came in strongly and he worked on me. The moment her (his) hands were placed on my heart a gush of suppressed grief from over 23 years ago erupted. His healing skills pulsed life back into all my cells and gifted me balance. It was certainly very surreal to feel his loving touch from the other side reviving and recharging me. Robert and I both feel gratefully blessed to be brought together in this unique fashion thanks to Sara.

One of my canine pack from the other side also joined the session and I smiled with joyful delight as Mystic Love whispered in my ear. The presence of a past lifetime, Monty, which I connected with recently also blessed the session.

With pleasure I full heartedly recommend choosing Sara at Inner Energy Health and Wellness. If your heart is guiding you, then listen you must, for you shall be well rewarded.”

– “Joy” Carol Ann Arnim

““I’m quite happy with the experience of, and the progress from, the sessions with Sara. In fact, I am still trying to process that my neck has been pretty much pain free and limber since that first visit. It really is a remarkable difference, considering how many years it has been painful and how many different treatments I have tried. I’ve enjoyed relaxation from previous treatments & massages, but never any appreciable pain relief or increase in mobility. Frankly I’m amazed, even if, a little confused. I suppose it’s an analytical fault in me, but I somehow feel the need to process & rationalize the unknown. On Friday I reached a level of relaxation (consciousness, if you will) that I have only ever come close to, during past meditations, some time ago. Hey… I may not understand it all, but I’ll take it!”

– Ken Marshall