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Inner Energy Yoga & Wellness Retreat

Puerto Vallarta, sunny, safe &

up to date on vaccines,

Northern Mexico

January 15 – 22, 2022

What it includes:

  • Learn leadership lessons and activities as well as doing some arts and crafts, talks and practices on sacred geometry, chakra balancing, universal auric fields, life and planetary health, intro to crystal cosmos starseeds and crystal star child adults and light language.
  • 7 nights, all-inclusive 3.5* Spa Villa Casa – Boutique Hotel Retreat (completely to ourselves) on a lovely Mexican riviera beside a secret hidden tropical jungle and approximately a 10 min. walk to beach
  • Return flights from Vancouver and Toronto (mostly non-stop)
  • 3 meals/day (vegetarian), filtered water included
  • Bartended fresh juice bar
  • Daily yoga and meditation
  • Reiki Energy healing/Energy Medicine sessions
  • Journey dancing and other fun evenings
  • Spa, 1 massage included (optional)* 1 Hot Tub session included**
  • Arts and crafts related to learning many things listed below***
  • An excursion to the hidden caves and beaches – hike and snorkel in Colomitos
  • Health and wellness talks (focusing on alternative and natural health, energy medicine and renewed sense of well-being and lifestyle).

* 1 massage per person per retreat, there will be a schedule you can sign up for. Additional massages at your own cost, check in with Spa when you get there.

** Because this is an eco-friendly retreat spa villa casa, we will use the water wisely and the hot-tub is scheduled to be used by us for 2 hours one time during the retreat for whoever would like to go. If you’d like a hot-tub each day or so, please contact Hector or ask me to set it up for you. It’s approximately $50 CAD per 2 hour session (you can divide by a group of people if you like).

Regular price: $3297 – $3697 CAD per person

flash sale

up to 50% off –  $1847 CAD per person, for any room, first come, first serve at this retreat. Everything is included in the price, even the flights.

Note: This is a non-alcohol drinking event. Get ready for a wonderful juice cleansing week. 

Contact: sara tel/message & WhatsApp 250-203-1669 

We are exceptional, but we try to do it all. We work (sometimes for ourselves), cook, clean, take care of kids (optional), dogs (also optional) and their activities and daycare. Having said this, isn’t it important to keep up with your own health and wellness? Like you may keep up with social media?

Instead of being overwhelmed with your everyday tasks, as a way to rejuvenate, and to rebuild your health and vitality, why not take some fundamental time for yourself at a wellness retreat? This yoga and spiritual wellness retreat allows you to re-centre yourself and learn about well-being, spiritually, self-worth and self-love.

But it’s also about how we can become lightworkers and bring healing energy to ourselves firstly, and to others as well as our planet (no matter what our principle activity is for work or even what level you’re at as a lightworker (you may be a beginner, or just there to observe). All this while having fun and enjoying time together bonding and making friends.

Note: This may be considered essential travel for professional development (for travel to and from the country).

During this retreat, you can expect to be able to breathe again, become more self-aware, vibrant, spiritual and have a fresh new outlook on life. 

Join the other folks for a mocktail in the pool.

Spiritual wellness is defined, not only by your faith and standards, but by a compassionate nature that we either have innately, or develop in our life. Being spiritual doesn’t mean you have to be religious, on the contrary, it’s all about having values, beliefs, principles and morals and focusing in on them. Once you understand this you can begin to blossom and grow and your spiritual health starts to shine through.

Check out the yoga cabana and garden.

And there are so many possible health benefits to think of! Here are the reasons to awaken your spirituality and start loving yourself again with friendships made, yoga, energy healing, meditation, fresh juice and plenty of water. All this helps:

  • It strengths your heart both morally and physically.
  • It relaxes you and helps you sleep well.
  • It brings you more energy and puts you in a brighter mood.
  • It helps you manage stress.
  • Bring healing to your body, mind and spirit
  • Teaches you how to help heal others including people, pets and the planet.

Along with uplifting your spiritual health, renewed energy and sense of well-being, practicing yoga and meditation especially mindfulness meditation, people who are depressed tend to feel relieved. “Your focus goes from worrying all the time about everything, to being hopeful and joyful in every aspect of your life!” – anonymous.

Yoga and meditation in the main cabaña hut.

That’s why we’ve put together a special wellness package, the Inner Energy Wellness & Yoga Retreat in beautiful Puerto Vallarta. The casa villa where we are staying is safe and comfortable, where everyone is vaccinated and we get the whole place to ourselves. We are doing this because we believe that wellness starts by healing from the inside-out first, before bringing healing to others and our planet. We are hoping that the retreat will be more than just uplifting, a powerful experience and hopefully transformational as well.

We’ve created these retreats for many reasons: to disconnect from everyday stress, to reconnect with our inner true self, to create memories to cherish, and to begin again fresh in our lives.

We are also there to learning and practicing fundamental opening lessons and initiations on becoming a lightworker and helping others no matter what your field of work is.

With each retreat, there’s also the opportunity to be fully immersed in the natural beauty that surrounds us, and in this case, the natural wonder of the tropical jungle and riviera of Mexico. We hope that this will be an experience that is uplifting to you emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually as well. Regaining our wholeness and wellness is so important to each one of us before we can pass it on to others!

Bonding is getting to know each other on a spiritual level.

Just to recap, the Inner Energy Wellness & Yoga Retreat takes place at a Villa Spa (Casa) in sunny Puerto Vallarta. This all-inclusive retreat is for 7 nights and includes: round trip flights from Vancouver, accommodations, all vegetarian meals, yoga and meditation each day, a private massage session (optional), bartender with juice bar, fresh drinking water, group energy healing sessions, an excursion, health, wellness, energy medicine and other interesting talks, lessons and healing sessions on Energy Medicine, journey dancing, crafts, activities and more!

Contact: sara tel/message & WhatsApp 250-203-1669


A free kayak is available anytime you want to go to the beach.

Here’s the itinerary for the Inner Energy Wellness and Yoga Retreat:

Day 1 – Arrive on a direct flight from Vancouver to Puerto Vallarta followed by a short meet and greet with a fun mocktail in hand.

Day 2 – Wake up bright and early and enjoy a light breakfast at 8 am. At 10:30 we will gather in the main cabaña (hut) for some Yoga and Meditation. Enjoy some time to mingle afterwards, or explore the gardens* before lunch which is at 1 pm. From 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm you are free to do what you like, either go down to the beach with the kayak (a 10 -12 minute walk) or socialize, rest up or swim in the pool and order a juice drink from our quasi full-time bartender.

There are also games to play like foosball and ping-pong and even a trampoline for the little kid to come out in you. Three or four of you each day will be going for a lovely massage if you care to (it’s included in the price and we’ll have a list).

From 5 – 7 pm we will be doing some arts and crafts and there will be a talk and lesson on health, wellness and Energy Medicine.

A light dinner will be served around 7 pm and at 9 pm we will gather back in the main cabaña for a group Reiki/Energy healing session.

Go for a wonderful guided hike to the hidden beaches.

Day 3 – Wake up and enjoy a light breakfast at 8 am, followed by Yoga and Meditation in the main cabaña at 10:30, followed by lunch at 1 pm. From 2:30 to 4:30 pm they will set up the hot tub for us for 2 hours (this is one time only during the retreat – but if a group of you would like to go again, you can arrange it with our host Hector).

Some of you might be on the list for your massage that day if you’d enjoy going for it.

At 5 pm we will be delving into and painting Sacred Geometry cards and will be experiencing something special.

A light dinner will be served around 7 pm and at 9 pm we will be dancing our hearts away if you care to 🙂

Day 4 – Wake up and enjoy a light breakfast at 8 am, then we’ll start Yoga and Meditation at 10:30 in the main cabaña, then we’ll head out for a guided nature hike and snorkel in Colomitos along the hidden beaches. A small lunch and snorkeling gear is included (again feel free to tip if you like).

At around 4:30 pm you’ll be back at the Hacienda learning about the Chakras and how they work energetically to either block or expand you. We’ll also learn about Auras and how they reflect your state of being.

Dinner is at 7 pm. At 9 pm we will head back to the main cabaña hut and do Auric field clearing, Chakra balancing and Energy healing.

Relax and enjoy time in the main Cabaña hut.

Day 5 – Wake up and enjoy a light breakfast at 8 am, followed by Yoga and Meditation in the main cabaña at 10:30, followed by lunch at 1 pm. After this, it’s free time for you again from approximately 2:30 – 4:30 pm. Why not beat someone at pong, enjoy the pool or take a kayak down to the beach? Some of you might like to be go for your massage (we’ll have a list).

At 4:30 pm we will be delving into making making journey dance ribbons with real crystals and positive affirmations.

A light dinner will be served around 7 pm. At 9 pm we will be using the ribbons to start our journey dancing ;). 

Day 6 – Wake up and enjoy a light breakfast at 8 am, followed by Yoga and Meditation in the main cabaña at 10:30, followed by lunch at 1 pm followed by free time for two hours.

At approximately 4:30 pm it’s arts and crafts time once again if you like. We will be making Tibetan buddhist mantra chakra bracelets and chanting the mantra om mani padme hum – which translated means: “praise to the jewel in the lotus.” amongst other things. The beads are known to form a protective shield against negative emotions as well as bring prosperity, abundance and healing at a deep profound level.

At 7 pm is dinner and at 9 pm we will be enjoying a group Energy healing/Reiki session

Relax in the lawn chairs around the fountain and gardens

Day 7 – Wake up and enjoy breakfast at 8 am, followed by Yoga and Meditation in the main cabaña hut at 10:30, followed by lunch at 1 pm. After this is free time for you until 4:30. Some of you will be going for your massage.

At 4:30 pm we will be presenting Star seed cards and doing arts and crafts, making Tree of Life medallions which we will do something very special with afterwards.

A light dinner will be served around 7 pm and at 9 pm we will be dancing up a storm, if you dare to ;).

Again, as a recap, if you would like to join, the Inner Energy Wellness and Yoga Retreat is in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico January 15th – 22nd, 2022.

It takes place at Casa Antahkarana on the outskirts of sunny Puerto Vallarta. This all-inclusive retreat is for 7 nights and includes: non-stop (mostly) round trip flights from Vancouver, accommodations, all meals, yoga each day, meditation each day, a private massage session (optional) included, a hot tub session included, group energy healing sessions every second day, an excursion, wellness talks, energy healing/energy medicine lessons, journey dancing, arts and crafts, activities, a fresh juice bar, available drinking water and more fun activites not to mention 2 hours of free time each day.

Contact: sara tel/message & WhatsApp 250-203-1669


Layout in the sun and enjoy the pool and hot tub.

Private bedroom with king sized bed (3 rooms available) – Regular price: $3697.

flash sale

50% off –  $1847 CAD any room – everything included!  

2 sharing in a bedroom with 2 single beds (sometimes double) (5 rooms available)

– Regular price: $3497 per person.

flash sale

up to 50% off –  $1847 CAD any room – everything included!  

3 sharing in a bedroom with (2 singles and 1 double) – (1 room available)

– Regular price $3397 per person sharing.

flash sale

up to 50% off –  $1847 CAD any room – everything included!  

4 singles bedroom – Regular price $3297 per person sharing. (not shown).

flash sale

up to 50% off –  $1847 CAD any room – everything included!  

 Prices are per person sharing rooms, except for the king rooms (3 available) which are private and have private baths (except for 1 shared bath). Includes return mostly non-stop flight from Vancouver or Toronto, all-inclusive: 3 meals/day, health & wellness talks, activities, yoga, meditation, energy healing, all sorts of energy medicine lessons such as sacred geometry, chakra balancing, tree of life symbolisms and more. As well, there’s massage (optional) and an excursion included amongst other things… 🙂

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact: Sara cell/message & WhatsApp 250-203-1669


Note: Currently, there is no quarantine or testing needed to enter Mexico. They do have some restrictions on re-entering Canada though, including having a quarantine plan, even if it’s just for a few days (right now it may be up to 6 or 8 days once you get back to your home).

Cancellation Policy: You have 48 hours to cancel without penalty from time of purchase. If there is a cancellation due to authorities closing the boarder, or if non-essential traveling is banned, or if we choose to cancel for safety reasons, you can receive a 50% refund up to January 10th, 2022. January 11th 2022 to the end of retreat there is no refund for cancellation.  In case of borders being closed to Canadians, the retreat may be rerouted to Canada at a yet to be determined facility (hopefully with a tropical ambiance 😉 or it may become an online retreat. 🙂

Retreat, Relax, Rebalance

Puerto Vallarta Inner-Energy Yoga & Wellness Retreat