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Reiki is the world leader in healing and transformation in Energy Healing. It is a Japanese form of healing which is part of alternative medicine. Practitioners have a technique they use called hands-on-healing through which this Universal Source Energy transfers from the heart which holds both the Earth Energies and the Universal Energies to the palms of the hands of the Reiki Master. This helps with emotional, spiritual and physical healing. 

Reiki or Energy Healing (Energy Medicine, Quantum Healing) is how we are able to connect through the Matrix of Universal Energy and stream it outward. At a high vibrational level we are able to connect to the person we are working on. This can also be done remotely, by envisioning that person or the name and becoming merged with them through proxy (muscle testing) during the session. It is a highly effective module for healing at an emotional level, a physical level, a mental level and even an overall spiritual level and can help heal all types of dis-ease including anxiety, fatigue, stress, depression, being stuck in a rut, auto-immune dis-ease, eating disorders and many more.

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