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inner energy health and wellness

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Each healing session is unique and accompanied by guidance from healing and insightful Universal Source energies, etc. and Earth energies and guided sources as well. Whether it be participating in an interesting Integrated Healing Therapy session, where your concerns will be heard and understood as well as intuitively balanced and corrected, or a Reiki/Energy Healing/Energy Medicine session where educational sciences such as the up and coming Nano science and Quantum Physics (Quantum Healing) fields, etc. experiences are used in a multi-dimensional sense to bring you deeper healing. 

As well we are hosting the innovative Inner Energy Yoga and Spiritual Wellness Retreats, this year in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Whistler Village, BC and Horne Lake National Park, BC to name a few.

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The Wellness Show in Vancouver, BC

Here's a special deal from the Wellness Show to get the most out of your healing and reading through Energy Medicine, Reiki and Energy Healing. 


See us at the wellness show in vancouver in late march 2022.


listen to my talk on energy medicine and natural healing at 2pm on sunday.

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  • Consultation  —  20 Free minutes
  • Individual half hour session  — $57
  • Individual hour session  — $97
  • Individual hour and a half session  — $127
  • Package of 4 sessions of an hour —  $340
  • Package of 8 sessions of an hour —  $600


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